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What is the Market Rate for Tuition Services?

Tutors onboard Learnable teach across all levels and subjects, and have a wide range of experience levels.

As such, we’ve compiled the market rate for tuition services for all parents’ reference. Parents will be able to search for tutors directly on Learnable, and filter them not only by rate, but also by level, subject, location, and quality. Using Learnable, parents will be able search from among tutors who have built up a reputation over time through their clients’ reviews about their good work.

Market Rates for Tuition Services

Part-Time TutorsFull-Time TutorsCurrent /
Ex-MOE Teachers
Primary 1-3$20-$25$35-$40$50-$60
Primary 4$25-$30$35-$45$55-$65
Primary 5$25-$30$40-$45$55-$70
Primary 6$25-$35$40-$50$60-$70
Secondary 1-2$25-$35$35-$45$65-$70
Secondary 3-4NA$25-$35$40-$50$65-$75
Secondary 4Exp-5NA$30-$40$45-$50$70-$80
Junior College 1$50-$60$60-$70$90-$110
Junior College 2$55-$65$65-$80$100-$120
IB Year 1-3 (PYP)$25-$30$40-$45$60-$70
IB Year 4-6 (PYP)$30-$40$40-$50$70-$80
IB Year 7-8 (MYP)$35-$40$45-$60$80-$90
IB Year 9-10 (MYP)$40-$50$60-$80$90-$120
IB Year 11 (Diploma 1)$55-$70$70-$80$100-$120
IB Year 12 (Diploma 2)$60-$70$70-$90$110-$130
IGCSE Grade 7$30-$40$40-$50$80-$90
IGCSE Grade 8$35-$45$45-$55$80-$90
IGCSE Grade 9$40-$45$50-$60$85-$95
IGCSE Grade 10-11$45-50$55-65$85-95
Polytechnic Level$35-40$40-60$80-120

Rates listed here are based on a survey of 1000 tutors across all levels and subjects, taught locally. Last updated Oct 2020

With that being said, tuition rates also vary across different factors:

  1. Subject-matter expertise;
  2. Outcomes that you have been able to achieve with previous students; 
  3. Ability to motivate and promote positive student behaviours;
  4. Commitment to high teaching standards; and
  5. Clarity of communication and feedback

Looking to hire a tutor?

Search for a tutor today on Learnable. Learnable’s Good Fit Guarantee further lowers the risk for all parents, as it entitles you to a full refund if you are dissatisfied after the first hour of lessons with a newly hired tutor.

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