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How much should I charge for my tutoring lessons?

How much should I charge for my tutoring lessons? When setting your rates, you’ll want to do a bit of research. If you can, see how much someone with a similar level of experience or skill set is pricing their service. It’s also necessary to factor in expenses that you encounter on a regular basis (e.g. transport, marketing, recommended CPF contributions, insurance, etc.) 

If you’re just starting out, it may be worth your while to set your rate a bit lower to begin with and focus on building up your portfolio. Using Learnable, you will be able to build up a reputation over time through your clients’ reviews about your good work, In that way, you will be able to raise your rates over time, at any time. 

Common Tuition Rates


Don’t know how much to charge? We’ve collated tuition rates across all levels. If you’re just starting out, take this as a benchmark to help you decide on your initial rates.

Part-Time TutorsFull-Time TutorsCurrent /
Ex Teachers
Primary 1-3$20-$25$35-$40$50-$60
Primary 4$25-$30$35-$45$55-$65
Primary 5$25-$30$40-$45$55-$70
Primary 6$25-$35$40-$50$60-$70
Secondary 1-2$25-$35$35-$45$65-$70
Secondary 3-4NA$25-$35$40-$50$65-$75
Secondary 4Exp-5NA$30-$40$45-$50$70-$80
Junior College 1$50-$60$60-$70$90-$110
Junior College 2$55-$65$65-$80$100-$120
IB Year 1-3 (PYP)$25-$30$40-$45$60-$70
IB Year 4-6 (PYP)$30-$40$40-$50$70-$80
IB Year 7-8 (MYP)$35-$40$45-$60$80-$90
IB Year 9-10 (MYP)$40-$50$60-$80$90-$120
IB Year 11 (Diploma 1)$55-$70$70-$80$100-$120
IB Year 12 (Diploma 2)$60-$70$70-$90$110-$130
IGCSE Grade 7$30-$40$40-$50$80-$90
IGCSE Grade 8$35-$45$45-$55$80-$90
IGCSE Grade 9$40-$45$50-$60$85-$95
IGCSE Grade 10-11$45-50$55-65$85-95
Polytechnic Level$35-40$40-60$80-120

Rates listed here are based on a survey of 1000 tutors across all levels and subjects, taught locally. Last updated June 2019

With that being said, tuition rates also vary across different factors:

  1. Subject-matter expertise;
  2. Outcomes that you have been able to achieve with previous students; 
  3. Ability to motivate and promote positive student behaviours;
  4. Commitment to high teaching standards; and
  5. Clarity of communication and feedback

How much should I charge for my tutoring lessons?

Ultimately, while your rate is important, too much focus on it detracts away from the most important thing: Always remember that it is most important to have a clear assessment of the client’s needs and about how you will be able to meet (and hopefully exceed) them. 

Consider showcasing your best traits and achievements through Learnable! Register for a free tutor account here. With individual profiles that you can share publicly, to help you get more tuition leads.

Are you an experienced tutor with a wealth of experience? Share with the community how your pricing structure has changed through the years in the comments below! Feel free to reach out to us on our contact page.

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