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Get more students by understanding Learnable’s algorithm better

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Given that the majority of new bookings go to tutors on the first page of search results, the best way to generate new bookings is for your profile to rank highly in search

This post will inform you about how the Learnable ranking algorithm works, and provide practical tips that will be helpful to both new and established instructors alike.

How Can I Rank Highly in Learnable Search Results?

At its core, the Learnable algorithm ranks tutors by:

(i) how complete their profile is,
(ii) how quickly and effectively they respond to leads,
(iii) whether they maintain an ongoing and constructive teaching relationship with their students, and
(iv) how meaningfully they contribute to the growth of the Learnable community.

To rank well on Learnable, tutors should:

Provide a complete, honest and attractive profile of themselves

Tutor profiles comprise of several important sections that aim to provide hirers with a comprehensive idea of a tutor’s teaching methods, past experience, and ability to meet their students’ needs.

We’ve provided some detailed tips in a separate article (link).

Be Responsive

When a parent requests to book an instructor on our platform, the Learnable algorithm tracks and accounts for this important conversion process. Fundamentally, it is important for you to do all that is reasonable to help the student to begin lessons with you. The quicker you respond to new requests, the higher you’ll rank in search results. 

Tips to increase your responsiveness quotient:

  1. Respond quickly to all learner requests
  2. If you are new to the Learnable platform, consider starting with a lower hourly rate compared to instructors with more experience.
  3. Ask friends to share your profile with students who may need lessons in your area of expertise.
  4. Be willing to travel to a location of your student’s choosing
  5. Be available for lessons at short notice

Build Relationships that Last

If you reliably deliver effective and enjoyable learning experiences, you are more likely to build long-term teaching relationships with your students and their families. This commitment to providing excellent service to your students is a major factor that Learnable’s algorithm ranks highly. 

Tips to building lasting relationships with students:

  1. Be prepared for each lesson with a lesson plan
  2. Record homework after each lesson using the assignments tool in your Tutor Dashboard
  3. Provide targeted and helpful feedback on past work using the same tool. Parents will receive this via email weekly, and be kept aware of their child’s progress.

We are aware that some instructors may be tempted to take learners “off-platform”. Quick or persistent drop-offs of an instructor’s students suggests to Learnable’s ranking algorithm that an instructor’s service has not been satisfactory, and cause the algorithm to de-prioritise this instructor in search rankings.

The contrary is also true: providing a high level of service to your students for a long period suggests to the algorithm that you are an instructor who should be prioritised in search rankings because you can bring a similarly good experience to other students.

Learnable succeeds only when our tutors do. While we do take a finders fee of the first month’s invoice, our long term fee structure on subsequent invoices reflects this commitment.

To ensure that we are able to maintain services and help us continue to improve the Learnable experience for students and tutors, we charge a flat rate of 7% of each invoice that is paid through the Learnable platform. This service fee also goes towards costs incurred by (a) card networks which process transactions, (b) card-issuing banks who provide credit card payments, including the issuance of miles and points.

Be Community Minded

Given our goal of creating a community of lifelong learners, community-mindedness is also a trait that Learnable’s algorithm looks out for. 

When instructors create content (e.g. articles, tips, videos, etc.) approved for Learnable’s Blog and the Resource Centre, they receive more visibility by way of by-line credit, and recognition of their ability by virtue of the content being featured on their profiles.

This aspect of the Learnable ecosystem is particularly helpful for new instructors who seek to organically bolster their search ranking, and generate organic click-throughs to their profile if the blog post is widely shared. 

Do the necessary research, and create thoughtful content that informs, entertains, and inspires. We hope that you will consider being a content creator on Learnable!

Learnable is here for all our tutors. We are always but an email ( or a WhatsApp text (+65 6974 2819) away, and we will do our best to assist and support our tutors.

Interested in writing for Learnable? Email us at to discuss how you can contribute!

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Shaun is Founder of Learnable. Through Learnable, Shaun hopes to help learners optimise their efforts to achieve better results over time. Prior to Learnable, Shaun was previously with the Economic Strategy team in the Ministry of Finance, where he led policy development and strategic financing of key national initiatives. Shaun also brings with him deep experience in entrepreneurship, having served as Director, Strategy & Growth at TwinRock, co-founder of 40Tasks, and Editor-in-Chief of Matchmove. In his (very limited) free time, Shaun likes singing, and hiking. His poison: kopi-o-kosong ping. Get in Touch!
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