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Learnable Tutor Account Management Programme

You are serious about growing your tutoring business.

Learnable is here to help.

Personalised Account Management is an invitation-only programme to render personalised assistance to educators that are committed to

  • building their business in private education, and
  • growing their capabilities to effectively teach more students.

Aim of the Programme

Learnable seeks to build a trusted group of capable and committed educators to help grow in reputation alongside Learnable over the long term.

What benefits can I expect?

Instructors under account management by Learnable can expect benefits as follows:

1. Professionally Taken Profile Pictures

As potential hirers compare between instructors to hire the one who best meets their requirements, your profile picture can be one of the most important elements of your Learnable presence. 

Instructors account managed by Learnable can receive professionally taken pictures to be used in their profiles.

2. Production of Video Introduction

Account managed instructors will receive a session with a professional videographer to produce a video to introduce themselves to prospective clients, and will be given an additional section (exclusive to account managed instructors) to embed a video within their profiles.

An example of a video introduction provided to Account Managed Tutors

3. Advertising Management and Co-Funding of Ad Expenditure

Growing your business will require some form of advertising, be it via word of mouth, social media, or through search engines.

Learnable will co-fund part of your Google advertising, and our advertising experts will help to manage your search advertising, funnelling validated traffic direct to your profile.

Our experts will send you regular reports of your ad performance and work with you on ways we can structure your ads to ensure greater visibility.

Learnable co-funds up to $200 of each account managed instructor’s advertising expenditure, as follows:

  • First and second months of advertising: For every $200 committed by the instructor to ad spending, Learnable will commit an additional $100 to the instructor’s ad account.
  • In subsequent months, as long as the instructor commits to some advertising expenditure, Learnable will help manage and report on the instructor’s advertising for free.

4. Branded Namecards

Learnable will provide each account managed instructor with branded name cards that they can hand out to their prospects, increasing their visibility and credibility as instructors.

5. Quarterly Lunch with Learnable Team

Each quarter, Learnable’s core team will host lunch with our account managed instructors. This is a chance for all of us to meet and connect with each other, and learn more about how we can help each other to reach our goals. Come have lunch on us!

6. Co-Creation of Learnable Features

The views of our instructors are important to us, and helps us chart out a product development map that will best meet your needs. We hope to gather feedback from each of you regularly so that we can create new features and tweak existing ones to serve you better.

What are my obligations as an account managed instructor?

Learnable will always work in good faith with our instructors, and we ask only for the same from our account managed ones.

Selected tutors will not need to pay any fees to be part of the Account Management Programme. As we work to grow your reach, we ask only that you continue to be committed to managing your students through the Learnable platform. 

Interested in joining us as an account managed tutor? Request an invite by emailing us at Tell us more about yourself, and let us know why you’d like to be part of the programme!

About author


Shaun is Founder of Learnable. Through Learnable, Shaun hopes to help learners optimise their efforts to achieve better results over time. Prior to Learnable, Shaun was previously with the Economic Strategy team in the Ministry of Finance, where he led policy development and strategic financing of key national initiatives. Shaun also brings with him deep experience in entrepreneurship, having served as Director, Strategy & Growth at TwinRock, co-founder of 40Tasks, and Editor-in-Chief of Matchmove. In his (very limited) free time, Shaun likes singing, and hiking. His poison: kopi-o-kosong ping. Get in Touch!
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